#1 Thing That Stands Between People & Their Success

There is no better feeling than that of a new year with a fresh slate, optimism in the air where anything feels possible. Goals are set, vision boards are made and within a few weeks, as we settle back into our regular routines, it can begin to feel like the only way anything will be achieved this new year is with a winged fairy and unicorn dust.

Let’s be honest, the hard part is not setting goals or getting clear on a vision. What stands between most people and their success is intention: determination to act a certain way.

Goals and vision have no purpose without intention. If there is no intention to commit to outlined goals or vision then no results will ever be achieved. Setting intentions is the commitment we make to ourselves that outlines the direction we take and ultimately the results that we achieve.

“A person without intention is a person without a purpose. When a mind has no purpose it tends to create pictures of what it DOESN’T WANT and then spends it’s time taking evasive action.” 1


Our thoughts precede actions and actions create results. So, let’s get clear about what your intentions are for 2017 so you  can achieve the goals and vision you have carefully outlined for yourself.

Setting intentions:

Looking at your vision and goals you have established for yourself this year, answer these 8 questions to help you set your intentions.  This will give you a leg up on others and provide the framework for you to succeed.

  1. What do you need to start doing?
  2. What do you need to stop doing?
  3. What else do you need to start doing?
  4. What do you need to continue doing?
  5. Looking at your answers from questions 1-4, what are 2-3 intentions you want in your life right now?
  6. How do you need to show up, consistently, in order to live these intentions?
  7. What kind of a reminder or cue can you create for each intention, something that will help you hold yourself accountable to committing to live each intention?
  8. How can you remind yourself on a 1-2 month basis, so you can check in with yourself to review your intentions? How committed are you to them?


Now you can start taking the steps you have identified and committed to so you can be successful, living your life fully for the whole of 2017. Remember to stay curious to reflect on your intentions, as well as with others so you can understand them and create those deep connections we all want in our lives to thrive.


  1. Why Are Intentions Important via Self Growth.com

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