Questions You Want To Be Asking

Great leaders, innovative thinkers, and collaborative partners all know new possibilities and opportunities stem from asking a certain type of question.

Holiday Gift Guide for Leaders

We are constantly being asked about what books we are reading and recommending. Here are a few of our favorites in no specific order that cover leadership, communication, self-growth and understanding. They are ideal stocking stuffers or gifts and we have included a little something for everyone.

Are You Truly Listening?

Most of us are never taught how to listen to understand. If we want to understand the perspectives of others, to be respectful of them, we need to intentionally choose how we listen to them. When we are fully present in the moment, ABSORBing what is being said to us, all of a sudden several listening choices become available to us. Rather than simply two listening choices—i.e., whether to listen or not—we believe we actually have five listening choices whenever we are listening to another person.

How Present Are You?

In our busy lives, most of us aren’t even aware of how distracted we are. Such distractions interfere with our abilities to nurture relationships and create repercussions for us as leaders, parents, or colleagues. Setting an intention to ABSORB ensures we become present and remain in the moment to listen, which is the first of our Curiosity Skills. ABSORB stands for..