Do You Worry About What Would Happen If you Tried To Lead Differently?

Leaders come in various shapes and sizes with different styles. If you want to become a fearless leader, here are 5 strategies you need to embrace now.

Do You Want More for You And Your Family in 2018?

Kirsten was featured on Wealthy Woman Warrior: Do You Want More for You and Your Family in 2018? You can access the original article here and read it below.

Do You Want More for You and Your Family in 2018?

Originally posted January 12, 2018 Wealthy Woman Warrior, by Kirsten Siggins.

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7 Habits To Avoid Holiday Overwhelm

The holidays can create huge expectations that put demands on all of us. Particularly on those of us who put great demands on ourselves. Practice these 7 habits to help you beat the holiday overwhelm and stay relaxed to enjoy the little moments, as well as the big ones.

Focused On Being Right?

While winning may feel good in the moment, the truth is it’s followed by a wake of destruction. Tips to get unstuck, take control and move forward


Often we can be our own worst critic. Expectations are running at an all-time high and feelings of inadequacy at work and/or at home seem to follow. Kathy talks to Wealthy Woman Warrior about the consequences of accepting blame that we put on ourselves and ways to kick the blame game to the curb.

When Ethics Could Collide: Nine Practices

As coaching becomes more global, how does a coach support their client while holding the cultural influencers they value as a citizen of a specific country? Kathy shares nine practices.

Stop 'Knowing' and Start Understanding

Stating we ‘know’ something about ourselves seems to give us permission to continue ‘knowing’ without seeking to understand and make the sustainable change we crave in our lives.

Your Habits: Helping or Hurting You?

We all have habits, especially ones that are hard to give up. Find out if your habits are ruining your most important relationships and what you can do about it

Embracing Arguments

Agreeing about everything is crazy making! If we are to grow, change and become more of who we are, we need to disagree and explore various perspectives. Learning to embrace arguments and disagreements can enhance any relationship, as long as you know how.

5 Things To Avoid If You Want To Get Ahead

Ever wondered what was standing in the way of your success? Here are 5 things to avoid if you want to get ahead – they are probably not what you think!