CURIOSITY creates learning.

COACHING supports it.

More is being expected of all of us and at the same time we are challenged and confused by these expectations.  As we turn to technology first and away from each other, real time conversations are being avoided and our communications skills, and relationships, are at stake.   It is impossible to understand the needs of others (clients/ team/employer/family), position yourself as a solution provider, or build authentic relationships without quality conversations, especially when we feel the stakes are high.

Whether you are an individual, a team or an organization, using our proven Curiosity Skills, we get curious with clients to connect at a deeper level to surface the often unarticulated needs and desires that can be leveraged for growth.  Our approach is unique and simple, we focus on curiosity in conversations which allows you to start, and have, high quality conversations and build high quality relationships anytime, anywhere, with anyone – even in conflict.



We tailor workshops of 0.5 -2 days to your specific needs. We work with you to design a workshop that focuses on the identified learning criteria of participants so their learning goals are met or exceeded. Facilitating their learning, we create an interactive environment filled with content and exercises that help participants re-acquaint themselves with the communications skills needed to have high quality conversations, build high quality relationships and deepen their understanding of curiosity and its value in understanding conflict and feel comfortable navigating it.


a) To support workshop learning:

We believe in transformational change. How many times have you gone to the best training possible, left with the pre-requisite binder that gets put on a shelf and because of commitments, forgotten? This happens a lot, resulting in money wasted on training and time wasted by participants.   Working with 2-4 people and one of us for 5-8 one hour calls post workshop, the participants have an opportunity to continue to build their communication skills and deepen their learning, share experiences and set intentions for continued learning, all reinforcing what was discussed in the workshop. This is the most effective way to support transformational change for participants.

b) One-One:

Working with individuals, we use curiosity to support the learning goals of the coachee so they can transform into the person they want to become. Curiosity allows for better understanding of self, and being open to new ideas and perspectives of others. Curiosity will provide a framework from which an individual can learn the communication skills needed to create new ways of problem solving so they can live, and lead, the life they want. Curiosity will also support them learning from their mistakes to create innovation, collaborate effectively and recognize possibility.

c) Team Coaching:

Sometimes a team struggles with how they interact to collaborate in a meaningful way that leads to embracing change to create better outcomes, greater innovation. Working with one or both of us, team members focus on the communication skills needed to build curiosity and how to use them to become open to the perspectives of others without judging them. Solutions will become collaborative, even in conflict, creating opportunities to explore all ideas and discover new and different ways of doing things.



We love working with groups to facilitate change, whatever that looks like for the group. Using curiosity, we create a framework based on the identified needs of the group and support this with questions that help participants explore, reflect and discover what their future could look like.



Small groups also need support and have interest in exploring new ideas to help themselves develop into the people they want to be. Working with groups of under 10, we hold the space for informal conversations that help the participants to discover, reflect and learn so they can harness the communication skills needed to become the people they want to be.



As keynote speakers, presenters, facilitators, we work to engage everyone in the room. Creating an interactive environment with opportunities for all to connect, we ensure everyone gets to work in dyads and small groups to learn, stay engaged and deepen their understanding. Curiosity is our most powerful tool and relevant to everyone (young and old), parents and professionals.  Learn about our speaking topics here


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