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Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner Siggins are not your typical business partners, they are mother/daughter, which is practically unheard of in the communication world and speaks to the success of the work they do.  Founding a business together was never something they planned or sought out to do, in fact, it was the opposite.  It was their work that brought them together and profoundly changed their relationship and lives.

It first began in 2005 when Kathy was teaching a basic coaching program designed for mid-level leaders in Health Care.  The feedback participants shared was while the coaching skills could be somewhat useful, the real game changer was learning basic communication skills.  Kathy shared this feedback with Kirsten, a new mom at that time.

Kathy and Kirsten continued to discuss and explore the fundamental framework of successful conversations, only to discover it all came down to one key thing, being curious.  They discovered there were 3 key components to a successful conversation, now known as the Curiosity Skills, and the best part was the Curiosity Skills supported us, even in conflict.

Technology was changing leadership and parenting. As Kirsten listened to the needs of leaders and then watched her young kids at home, it became apparent that leaders & parents were very telling.  Telling led to a lack of engagement & accountability, encouraged judging/blaming/shaming, narrowed possibility, created conflict and hindered productivity.  Kathy & Kirsten knew that organizations, like families, wanted a culture of collaboration and innovation which required people to be open, non-judging, engaged and accountable.  They also experienced leaders (and/or parents) as not having the communication skills required to create such a culture.  This made them eager to cultivate their own practice, one that would effectively intersect their expertise with their respective interests.    They believe what all people want and what makes people thrive is being seen, heard and understood, and the only way you can achieve this is with curious conversations.

As clients experienced the life changing power of curiosity they encouraged Kathy & Kirsten to take their Curiosity Skills to a larger audience and write a book. In 2015, The Power Of Curiosity: How To Have Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation, and Understanding was published.

Choosing to specialize in a field means that you are completely devoted to it, committed to sharing one’s ideas with others. This is the energy that sets the Institute Of Curiosity apart, a belief that we can all create a better world, one conversation at a time.

The Institute Of Curiosity opened its doors in 2015. Since then, they’ve facilitated the success of senior healthcare professionals, leaders, health care organizations, professionals, negotiators, engineers, educators and parents.



Kathy Taberner

Co-Founder, Author, Speaker, MA, Certified Executive Coach  (PCC)

Kathy’s experience has taught her that the leadership of an organization must work with its constituents to build a culture of understanding, collaboration and respect, one that is aware of the employees’ needs as human beings if an organization is to thrive as a productive, sustainable enterprise. Kathy is a retired occupational therapist who was in industry, working with and integrating disabled employees back into the workplace in a way that worked for everyone. She completed an MA in Leadership, where her project focused on the leadership styles and emotional intelligence of women in senior leadership positions and since then has focused her work on supporting others in developing their leadership skills. A huge focus of this work has involved supporting leaders as they build their communication skills as part of enhancing their leadership skills.

Kathy serves on the Ethics Internal Review Board for the ICF, and has served on various non-profit boards and works as a volunteer for organizations that support women.

Kathy has published in the IJCO International Journal of Coaching in Organizations: “Healthcare Professionals: Learning a Different Conversations”(2011, 8(3), 71-78), IJCOIssue318052011 kathy article published.

Kathy has received the Prism Award from the International Coaching Federation (Vancouver) for her work with the British Columbia Provincial Health Authority in the area of coaching and leadership development.

Kathy shares her time between the Okanagan and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kathy is also Certified Physician Coach.

Speaking includes: Opening Keynote, CAPWHN Conference, Calgary; SoLS Leadership Conference ‘Leadership Communication’ panel, Victoria; Keynote, Coaching Summit 2015, Vancouver BC.

Contact Kathy: kathy@instituteofcuriosity.com


Kirsten Siggins

Co-Founder, Author, Speaker, Certified Executive Coach

After receiving her BA from Dalhousie University Kirsten followed her curiosity, traveling and working in the entertainment industry with companies such as Warner Music London UK, American Idol, and AOL, learning very quickly the importance of communication skills and building relationships in a constantly evolving landscape.  Kirsten earned her certificate of Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University, and continued to work with executives and leaders in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA.

With the birth of her first child, Kirsten gained a greater appreciation of the importance of communication skills as a parent, and the deep influence it has on the development of our children as leaders. Kirsten’s work with young leaders through The Children’s Hospital Young Women Working Together Leadership Institute in Los Angeles highlighted the desire for young leaders to learn effective communication skills that are expected of them, yet never taught.  Kirsten is passionate about working with parents, teachers and teens sharing the Curiosity Skills to keep them curious, connected and responding in all conversations in our distracted, technology driven world.  After 17 years in Los Angeles, Kirsten and her husband recently moved their young family to Canada to give their kids a “normal” life.

Speaking includes: University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology: Nursing Leadership and Innovation Class; Conference Of Independent Teachers Of English, Toronto; Opening Keynote, CAPWHN Conference, Calgary; SoLS Leadership Conference ‘Leadership Communication’ panel, Victoria; Keynote, Coaching Summit 2015, Vancouver BC.

Kirsten lives with her husband and 2 kids in Toronto, Ontario.

Contact Kirsten: kirsten@instituteofcuriosity.com