Did you know that how you speak to your child now will influence how they show up later as a leader? 
We think about that a lot, and so should you.

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⇒ What a curious conversation is & how it can eliminate conflict

⇒ The BIG mistakes you must avoid that can hurt your relationship and your child’s future  (you may be doing them now!)

⇒ Three essential skills needed for effective parenting (skills that will give your child a leg up on others)

⇒ How to stay COOL when thing heat up – yup, drama free conversations

⇒ What makes curiosity so unique & why it is essential to your child’s future and your families happiness

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♥ As parents, we all want the absolute best for our kids, ensuring they succeed and don’t make the same mistakes we did.   How?  We tell our kids what to do and how to do it.  It is faster and easier, plus we know our kids and what they are capable of better than they do. Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, this approach can be very costly, buying into single stories about your kids which causes drama and friction in your relationship with them and robs your child of learning, skill development and ultimately happiness.


So, how do parents look beyond what they think they know to better understand and connect more deeply with their kids?  The secret is curiosity!

If we were to ask you, are you curious?  We believe that you would say yes!  Everyone is curious: we read books, explore passions, look up information online, want to know what is in a box or behind a door.  Where people aren’t curious is in conversation.  Think about it.  When you aren’t curious in conversation, you tell, judge, blame, shame and get stuck in a “I am right/ You are wrong” mindset – all without even realizing it, and all of it leads to conflict.  This is a very familiar dance between parent and child, at any age.  Sound familiar?

Now you may be wondering if it is worth your time to learn a new approach.  Consider for a moment that research shows that only 15% of one’s success is determined by hard skills (skills related to a degree or other acquired training), while the remaining 85% of one’s success depends on soft skills (skills related to communication, teamwork, time management, etc) – skills that schools, organization and parents are failing to teach*.  Throw in technology and most people will say they would rather communicate via text message or email because live conversations are too difficult & uncontrollable – especially when the possibility of conflict is involved.

So where does that leave you?  If you continue with your old ways where does that leave your child, your relationship and their future?  Kids do what parents do, not what parents say.

We are in a conversation crisis. Confident, competent communication skills are the most important skills that we are failing to teach.  The success of your child and your relationship lies in your ability to have real, meaningful conversations.  If you are having competent, confident conversation in all aspects of your life, even in conflict – then you and your child can probably afford to skip this program.  If you feel like you could improve the quality of your conversations and want to depend your understand of your child, and improve the quality of your relationship, then you are in the right place and we have a powerful, actionable video series for you.

Your Video Series Includes:

  • What a curious conversation is and why it is the most important skill we are failing to teach;

  • The big mistakes you must avoid to stay connected with your child (they aren’t what you think);

  • Three essential skills needed for effective parenting and your child’s success  (these skills will give your child a leg up on others);

  • How to stay cool when things heat up – yup, drama free conversations!

  • What makes curiosity so unique (read: superpower) and why it is essential in your child’s future and your families happiness.

Important info:

→ Videos are less than 10 mins in length

→ Includes individual practice tools that can be downloaded (PDF)

→ Printable “cheat sheet” for those uncertain moments

→ ALL delivered to your inbox immediately so you can start now

OPPORTUNITY ALERT! We have done a lot of programs that don’t work and we find nothing more frustrating (both in time and money!).  So, to ensure your success, and ours, we are including at 45 mins LIVE CALL with us that you schedule at your convenience.  This is an opportunity for you to talk about what is working and what isn’t with us and learn from other parents who are taking the program with you.  These calls are limited to 10 people, are confidential and aren’t being recorded.

Now, we could easily break each item out to highlight the value of what a sweet deal this is.  Here is the thing – there is NO VALUE you can place on strengthening your relationship with your child OR the peace of mind you get knowing you are giving your child a leg up with the skills needed to succeed but aren’t being taught.  What we can tell you is, this program is worth WAY MORE than a weeks worth of Iced Caramel Macchiato’s.  Rather than asking yourself if the cost is worth investing in curiosity, ask yourself – what is the cost to my family and my child if I don’t invest in curiosity?

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We know all parents want their child to thrive – we are moms too – and we are here to help you and your family do just that.  As a mother/ daughter team and business partners, we haven’t just created this program, we live it too.  We are excited to share the power of curiosity with you.  You can never get a different outcome with the same approach.   Best part, your child will thank you. What are you waiting for, let’s get started

*Reference: “The Unemployed Grad and What Parents Can Do About It” by Don Philabaum.

Sill not sure, contact us now and we will answer any of your questions to help determine if the power of curiosity is right for you.