Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will curiosity help me or my organization?

Do you:

  • Find you attend too many meetings are that are uninteresting and unproductive where nothing gets accomplished?
  • Get frustrated with situations that are avoided because of the elephant in the room that could cause conflict?
  • Feel things never change? You have stopped making suggestions because you know they won’t be listened to or will be considered wrong?

When people are curious, they explore, discover and learn by asking questions rather than just telling or assuming. This creates opportunities, reduces judging or blaming and creates what all organizations want: innovation. With curiosity, silos dissolve into collaboration where people want to work together, testing assumptions and producing real work, work for which they are accountable. The best part is neuroscience now confirms that curiosity leads to the release of dopamine and oxytocin that make us feel happy and help us stay calm in conflict! This means we can now have those dreaded, difficult conversations AND understand others, enabling us to move forward, solve problems WITH relationships intact. Not only does curiosity help us become better leaders, it makes us feel better. Who doesn’t want that?

2. How are you different from other consulting/coaching organizations?

As far as we know, we are the only organization focused on developing Curiosity Skills (being present to actively listen, choosing how to listen, and asking curious open questions). Curiosity Skills help us become nimble, stay calm in conflict and work in teams with accountability to create understanding, collaboration and innovation.

At the Institute of Curiosity:

  • We have our own communication method that leverages the skills we already have to support the needs of leaders today. This means no memorizing content or learning new skills.
  • We use coaching to sustain learning. We believe curiosity creates learning and coaching supports it. No more one off trainings that don’t stick!
  • Our focus is HOW to create sustainable IMPACT. Curiosity creates impact.
  • We aren’t just about communication. It is so much more than that. To be a successful leader it is important to understand your internal as well as your external world. Curiosity creates transformation.
  • We believe in the power of curiosity. It is the single most important skill that we are all born with and rarely invest in! Without it nothing will change, evolve, or innovate. Simply put, without curiosity it is impossible to thrive.

3. What benefits will I see from using your method?

  • Increased innovation
  • Fulfillment at home and at work
  • More collaborative culture
  • Team members learn and work more independently, with a sense of accountability
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater understanding of each other allows teams to work more efficiently
  • Greater sense of self-awareness
  • Greater ability to shift focus from self to others
  • Increased feeling of being listened to, which leads to greater engagement
  • Increased ability to control emotions in challenging conversations
  • Decreased need to control others’ actions and reactions; increased ability to tolerate ambiguity and process
  • Increased tolerance of others’ ideas and experiences
  • Increased ability to respond well in conflict: remaining calm, reaching productive outcomes, and improving relationships even while agreeing to disagree

Check out our method page to get a better understanding of how it will specifically help you, as well as how you can start using it.

4. Who are your services for?

We believe anyone can benefit from being more curious and our focus is leadership development: leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, teachers, parents, and politicians. Whether you are an individual, a team or an organization, using our proven Curiosity Skills paired with our 5 step method, we get curious with clients to connect at a deeper level with themselves and/or their organization to surface the often unarticulated needs and desires that can be leveraged for growth. To better understand our process, check out our services page or contact us now for your free consult.