As keynote speakers at any conference, Kathy and Kirsten set a tone of curiosity enhancing the conference to one where participants can leverage their skills of networking, learning and exploring new perspectives.

“Thank you for your excellent presentation at the CAPWHN Conference. You truly set the stage for us to have a successful conference. Throughout the rest of the days, I heard nurses asking “Tell me more” and “I’m curious about that”.  Your thoughtful and engaging presentation was just what we needed. Thank you again for coming to the 6th Annual CAPWHN Conference.”

 -Melanie Basso, Conference Organizer

Speaking to executives, general audiences and parents, Kathy and Kirsten create an engaging, interactive environment.

Possible Topics Include:

The Power of Curiosity: How To Have Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation and Understanding

How can we fully engage in conversations with people we disagree with—while remaining calm and producing win-win outcomes? The key is curiosity. It is the innovation-driving, emotion-calming skill that comes naturally to us as kids, but tends to easily get buried beneath our busy, multitasking adult lifestyles. The good news is we just have to relearn what we already know! Kathy and Kirsten will transform the way you think about conflict and communication by outlining the skills and method to address conflict at its true source to neutralize negative emotions, and transform challenging conversations into new possibilities.

Curious Conversations: Leadership Essentials in a Digital World

What makes conversations so crucial to leadership and success? Collaboration, innovation, engagement and accountability– these are the characteristics all organizations want, yet they are skills that are not being taught.  As we turn to technology first, and away from each other, the big question is, how do you create and sustain communication skills in our technology driven world?   Kathy and Kirsten will transform the way you think about leadership, conversations and successful cultures. They will discuss:

  • How to have high quality conversations, even in conflict
  • The importance of being present in conversations to be an effective listener to verbal and non-verbal messages
  • How to be intentional about the listening choice used and the influence it has
  • How to use both open and closed questions to build clarity an understanding
  • Why conversations are the most important skill to invest in in our technology driven world
  • How curious conversations  build higher quality relationships
  • How to use curiosity in conversation to solve problemsThis is a great kick off keynote address for a conference where there is a desire for participants to become curious during the presentations and connect with others in real time to explore possibilities for the future.

Conflict: What We Are Not Doing And Why We Avoid It

One of the biggest challenges for all of us is navigating conflict with others, be it clients, colleagues, customers, patients, children, family members, spouses. It is hard for most people, frequently avoided at all costs. Neuroscience supports the value of curiosity when connecting with others. When we are curious with another, we feel good and this connection deepens even when we sense conflict. Curiosity allows us to navigate the challenges presented, gain a deeper understanding and move forward in a way that works for everyone involved.  Kathy and Kirsten will transform the way you think about conflict and how you can have even your most challenging conversations with ease and grace.   They will discuss:

  • How to recognize your emotional triggers and the role they play in addressing conflict
  • How to understand your values and why you need to identify them
  • The 3 Curiosity Skills needed to navigate conflict with ease and grace
  • How to recognize and access your place of calm
  • How the neuroscience of curiosity works in conflict
  • How to stay cool when things heat up


Raising Young Leaders: What We Aren’t Asking and Why It Is So Important

What do successful young leaders have that others don’t? What makes some rise to challenges while others shy away? Parents (and teachers) want the best for their kids and often stand in the way of their success without even realizing it.   Kathy and Kirsten will transform the way you think about parenting and how you can prepare your children for the future.   They will discuss:

  • How parents (and teachers) are getting in the way without even realizing it
  • How to be curious with your kids and why this is so important
  • The importance of values and what happens when we don’t live them
  • How to stay connected in conversations – even when things heat up


To schedule Kathy and Kirsten for speaking engagements please contact media@instituteofcuriosity.com.  You can learn more about our workshops, coaching, facilitation and small group conversations HERE