Stop 'Knowing' and Start Understanding

Stating we ‘know’ something about ourselves seems to give us permission to continue ‘knowing’ without seeking to understand and make the sustainable change we crave in our lives.


It’s a New Year with a fresh slate. What would you do if you were not afraid?

No Map, No Destination

Each year we have an opportunity to look ahead and decide what we want for ourselves over the coming 12 months. Perhaps it is better health, loosing a few extra pounds, wanting to have more friendships, learn something new, travel, or tackle that project you have always wanted to do. What most people don’t realize;

Gift Of Feedback

Holidays mean gift giving, when we show our appreciation and gratitude for others and them with us. If you are like us, you have more stuff than you need and there is an opportunity to receive a different kind of gift this year.

How To Make The Most Of 2017

Reflection is a key component to learning. Without it, it is difficult to make change, improve, and grow. Step 1 to setting yourself up for a successful 2017 is reflecting on 2016, here’s how.

5 Choices of Listening: Intentional Leaders Choose Wisely

It is no secret that effective leadership requires strong listening skills. However, most of us are never taught how to listen to understand. As leaders, we focus on how well we speak and good listening becomes assumption, a skill most of us take for granted and believe we do well. Spoiler alert: We don’t!

Want to STAND OUT in the marketplace?

All entrepreneurs have passion and a vision to help people and change the world. However, truth be told, some entrepreneurs are better at it than others. So what is it that separates the good from the great? It is simple, curiosity.

How To Hold A Better Conversation

Want to hold better conversations? Find out how in these quick, 3 easy tips.

How To Have Curious Conversations

We are loving all the attention directed at the importance of curious conversations and the power of curiosity, especially at a time when people feel engaging conversations are a luxury rather than a need! We are all born with the skills to be curious in conversations and sometime we just need to relearn what we already know. Here are 3 easy steps to having curious conversations anytime, with anyone

Conversations that are DRAMA FREE: How To

“I want strategies to use when I disagree with someone and find myself in conflict with them. How can I have drama-free conversations?” Sound familiar?


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